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Recognition Award Recipients 

Each year the West Huron Youth Club honors one of its members or benefactors with the Prestigious Recognition Award.

The Recognition Award goes to the person who best exemplifies the characteristics of teamwork, volunteerism, and leadership in their efforts to help the Club and the youth in our area.

Award Cathy & Dave Didion 2023 Photo.JPG

2023 Recipients

Cathy & Dave Didion

Cathy & Dave were recognized for their long-time support of the Club & for their commitment to teaching youth & their families about Arrowheads & Artifacts for many years at the "Day in the Outdoors" Event.

2022 Recipients

Ryan Spaulding & Alex Michel

Ryan & Alex were honored for their ongoing support of the Club, their commitment as mentors to youth & their efforts for the success of the “Day in the Outdoors” event.

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Paul Ruthsatz_edited.jpg

2019 Recipient

Paul Ruthsatz

Paul was commended for his continued support of the Club and thanked for his generous contributions each year to the "Day in the Outdoors" event.

2018 Recipient

Bill Smith

Gil Steinen and Gary Steinen present Bill Smith with the 2018 Recognition Award. Bill was honored for his ongoing support of The West Huron Youth Club and his generous contributions to the "The Day in the Outdoors" event.

Those contributions provide the Club with additional funds for its advertising budget for the event. Thanks, Bill for helping us inform the public of this fun-filled day!!

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2017 Recipient

Mike Oglesbee

Mike Oglesbee was commended for his long time support of the club, his dedication to the youth and his generous contribution of time, materials and supplies each year for the "Day in the Outdoors" event. Special thanks to Mike and Firelands Electric for the Toft's Ice Cream Cups!

2016 Recipients

June Copper
June was honored for her ongoing support of the West Huron Youth Club and her assistance with registration each year at the "Day in the Outdoors" event. "Sign in please" 
Sally & Vito Dibari
The Dibaris were acknowledged for their continued support of the West Huron Youth Club and their supervision of the food and beverage tent each year at the "Day in the Outdoors" event.  "Mangia"
Artie Gerold
Artie was thanked for his dedication to the West Huron Youth Club and his assistance each year with set up for the "Day in the Outdoors" event. "The Ice and the Worms have arrived"  
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2015 Recipients

Doug and Cody Johnston

Doug & Cody Johnston were commended for their commitment to the Annual "Day in the Outdoors" event. Not only does Doug assist with youth activities during the event, each year he secures a "Jakes Grant" of $250 from the National Wild Turkey Federation which is used to cover the expenses of the event. His son Cody dedicates his time at the event persistently selling 50/50 tickets to the delight of the attendees. Way to go Johnston Guys!

2014 Recipient

Gary Toll

Gary Toll was honored for his staunch support of the West Huron Youth Club. Each year at the "Day in the Outdoors" event he can be found either at the pond assisting with youth fishing or on the tractor pulling the hay wagon for the rides. Throughout the rest of the year, Gary's focus is the care of the birds, fish and turtles in the Joe Steinen Wild Life Area.

2014 Recipient

Larry "Mac" MacDonald

Larry MacDonald was recognized for his dedication to the maintenance of the West Huron Youth Club properties. In addition to assisting with the setup for the "Day in the Outdoors" event, Mac uses his photography skills to capture "photo" moments at the event. Many of his photos are featured on this website.

2013 Recipient

Jim Moore

As a participant in 8 "Day in the Outdoors" events, Jim entertained attendees with his decoy carving talents and his enchanting tales of outdoor lore. Jim was also a very generous donor to the club; as the 2012 winner of the $500 raffle, he donated his winnings back to the club. Through the years, Jim also donated decoy carvings to the club. Jim passed away in March 2013 and we miss him dearly. His widow Johanna, accepted the award on his behalf.

2012 Recipient

Ted Grys

From the beginning of his involvement with the West Huron Youth Club, Ted's commitment has been unwavering. He has served as the Club's President and currently serves as its Treasurer. For the annual "Day in the Outdoors" event, he participates in the setup, oversees the youth members who assist with the vegetable garden, the harvest of which is donated to area food banks and suppers. Every fall, he serves on the committee which prepares the youth members for a safe hunting season. The Club pays tribute to Ted's enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge of the outdoors to the youth of our area by presenting him with this award.
The National Wild Turkey Federation has been a long time benefactor of the West Huron Youth Club. Each year they provide a $250 Jakes Grant to assist the Club with the expenses for the "Day in the Outdoors" event. This type of financial assistance allows the Club to offer the event at no charge to the public. In addition, they donate items that are given as door prizes to the youth who attend the event.

2011 Recipient

Nationial Wild Turkey Federation

gil steinen.jpg

2010 Recipient

Gil Steinen

To honor his vision, dedication and generosity, Gil was surprised by Youth Club Members who presented him with his plaque. The recipient who he thought was to be honored in 2010 will instead be the recipeint at the 2011 "Day in the Outdoors" event.

2009 Recipient

Mike Goschinski of Fin Feather Fur

Through Mike's generosity every year, the Club is able to provide a door prize to each youth attending the annual "Day in the Outdoors" event. In addition, he has supported each of the Club's annual fundraisers and has permitted West Huron Youth Club members to sell raffle tickets at Fin, Feather and Fur in Ashland, Ohio. Mike also provides information about the club to his clientele
mike goschinski.jpg
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2008 Recipient

Rich Schiltz

Rich began his adventures at the Joe Steinen Wildlife Area at the age of nine. He learned about duck hunting from his great uncle, Chuck Chill and mentor, Gil Steinen. Rich's love of the outdoors has become his career. He received a Wildlife Management Degree from Hocking College, has graduated from the University of Toledo and currently works for Erie Metroparks. Rich's goal is to serve as a Game Warden. He now helps mentor the West Huron Youth Club members and has served as the Club's Treasurer.

2007 Recipient

John Stone

John "Doc" Stone was the first President of the West Huron Youth Club. A retired Biology teacher from Perkins High School who has a passion for the outdoors, he provides a wealth of knowledge to the youth as well as his leadership skills. "Doc" Stone oversees the Youth Fishing at the pond at the annual "Day in the Outdoors" event.
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2006 Recipient

Mike Conrad of Castalia Farms

Over the years, Mike donated pheasants which were released for hunts by the youth as well as to replenish the pheasant population on the property. In addition, he was a primary supporter and donor of a "Special Hunt Day" which was offered to youth who excelled in their volunteer efforts on behalf of the Club. That event was attended by Cleveland Browns player Steve Heiden.

2005 Recipient

Bob Barnes of Barnes Nursery

Through Bob's efforts, a pond was created for fishing and an adjoining area was cleared for youth activities. This is now the site for the annual "Day in the Outdoors" event. Bob has donated trees and landscaping for the site as well as at the Clubhouse. In his honor, "Bucko Park" was established near the pond.
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